Top Five Museums to Visit in Kenya

Anyone with a keen interest in human history and cultural history would probably be interested in visiting Kenya. This East African nation is known worlds over for welcoming flocks of tourists. Besides its vast national parks and other notable attractions, Kenya is home to an extensive collection of impressive museums. The works present in these Kenyan museums largely come from historical collections from both local and international artists. That said, here are some museums worth visiting on your next trip to Kenya.

Nairobi National Museum

The Nairobi National Museum is located in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. This museum made its debut in 1910, following well-coordinated efforts from some naturalists. Anyone visiting this museum is welcomed with a vast collection of historical collections, artifacts, cultural pieces, and contemporary art, along with an impressive botanical garden.

Fort Jesus

Located in Mombasa, the Fort Jesus museum was initially created to guard the old port of Mombasa, following an order from King Philip I of Portugal. This museum’s architecture is considerably impressive, build in the shape of a man lies on their back facing the sea. It also houses a vast collection of archeological artifacts showcasing the country’s rich history.

Kitale Museum

The Kitale Museum is located in a small town in the western province of Kenya. This museum goes down as the first domestic museum. A visit to this museum will undoubtedly help give you a true taste of Kenya’s cultural diversity, thanks to vast collections from various Kenyan tribes.

Lamu Fort Museum

The Lamu Fort Museum is located on the Northern Kenyan coast. This museum is largely considered a focal point in showcasing the rich history of the Swahili people. The Lamu Fort Museum has a collection of artifacts on Lamu and the Kenyan coast. Besides being an international attraction, this museum also doubles up as a community center for the locals.

Malindi Museum

The Malindo Museum is located in Malindi. This museum hosts a famous historical pillar of Vasco Da Gama. This double-story museum captures the culture and traditions of the coastal people wholly. The Malindi Museum has a rich collection featuring musical instruments, utensils, tools, attire, and ancient tools. And most importantly, there are also artifacts from early Arabs who settled in the town.

Narok Museum

The Narok Museum is located in Narok, a town largely inhabited by the Maasai people. In light of this, this museum focuses on showcasing the cultural and heritage values of the Maasai people. It’s one of the best places to visit for a refresher of the rich Maasai culture.