How Museums Influence Modern African Decor

Trends may come and go, but you can often see influences from the past. This is undoubtedly true when you consider the popularity of African-themed decor. Visiting African museums, you get a sense that the pieces are not just historical artifacts but living inspirations for today’s designers. Paintings, in particular, preserve cultural heritage and influence modern prints, as found at the successful e-commerce company BGA in Sweden.

From Museum Exhibits to Home Decor

For those who wish to emulate the African style, a quick search on the BGA website reveals several prints that would enhance any wall. A great example is the zebra poster, which, appropriately enough, is in black and white. The stunning photography shows a zebra on the African plains and could be the starting point for a gallery wall. The company of BGA uses high-quality premium FSC-certified paper for the best results.

Crafting Your African-Inspired Space

After visiting any renowned African museum, you will be inspired to create a similar style in your home. Animal prints work well in any room, especially when paired with posters and prints from BGA, for an eye-catching space. Don’t be afraid to express yourself, as you let your imagination fly to Africa!